Venera and Alimac formed a partnership back in 2007. The following year, Venera became one of the first local distributors of carry handle tapes in the SEE. In the years since, our partnership has become a prime example of how having a close working relationship with Alimac can support a small market to develop an innovative and globaly competitive model. We are so proud of what we have achieved together.

traditional carry handle


This type of carry handle tape is particularly useful when the customer has different packaging formats requiring different examples of artwork. It is made of transparent strip of polypropylene (“backing” or “film”) with a paper insert. The Inlay is printable in up to 8 colours. Logos, payoffs, images, sale promotions, tables, bar code and QR codes can be printed. Everything can be reproduced and customized. The standard handle tape width is 25 mm (other sizes 30-37.5 mm are available). It is available in rolls of 650 m, 5,000 m and 6,500 m.

prelaminated carry handle


Alimac prelaminated tape carry handles have a strip of plastic film (usually mono-oriented polypropylene) with the insert directly integrated onto the film during the manufacturing. The insert (also called“inlay”or“label”) consists of different materials originating different models (paper, mono-oriented polypropylene, etc.). The insert / inlay is always one piece with the film and includes the customized artwork requested by the customer – logo, slogan, sale promotion, etc. The artwork can also be in solid colour, multicolour, and the customer decides the design he wants.

label tape carry handle


The label-tape carry handle is a 2 in 1 product. It’s a pre-laminated tape carry handle with the function of a label as well. This innovative concept also concentrates all the product information usually written on a label in the tape carry handle. Alimac label-tape carry handles are currently available in these markets:

  • 5 l, 12 l and 19 l bottles/gallons with rigid handles. Advantages are especially in terms of cost savings and management of suppliers.
  • Collapsible bottles. In this case, the brand and product information is always visible even though the bottles shorten little by little as the water is used.
  • Multi-pack market. Some brands also use non-printable shrink film for economic benefits.

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