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Duct tape in the right hands is enough to create a masterpiece while solving some of life’s most common challenges. You will certainly have no trouble finding this staple in your house or at the grocery store and it’ll be a breeze finding a ton of uses for using tape.

Duct-Tape Art

Tape art is an artwork created with adhesive or packing tape. It developed from urban art in the 1960s, as an alternative, due to the widely spread use of spray cans in the urban art scene. Consequently, Tape can be used to produce a “stained glass” effect if you apply it to glass or plastic which is lit from behind. You can also attacch it to a wall to form the outline or an image, or can be shaped into three-dimensional sculptures.

max zorn

Duct-Tape Hammock

Who couldn’t use a waterproof hammock? This thing is super durable and above all, it looks cool, too. Therefore, find our step-by-step instructions on how to craft this on Make:Projects.


Duct-Tape Desk Organizer

Crafted all your tape dream projects and not sure what to do with the cores of the tape? Here’s another handy use for those cardboard centers that will clean up your desk in the process. Explore the tutorial to see what we mean.

Duck Brand

Duct-Tape Picture Frame

This project is easy — and when you’re finished, your picture frame will even stand up on its own. Check out the video below.

Duck Brand

Duct-Tape Bag 

It is really good at holding things, both by sticking them together and when it’s made into a bag. Similarly, when the tape is combined with fabric you can make a no-sew case. The best part of this idea finally, is that you can make the case or bag any size you need, and with any type of fun fabric.

Duck Brand

Duct-Tape Corner Bookmark

This isn’t your average bookmark. Not only does it hang on to the corner of your book, but it also allows your personality to shine as you choose a print unique to you.

Duck Brand

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